Do you think your relationship have the Spark?

@gloria777 (1678)
May 30, 2007 5:34am CST
In the beginning of a relationship there is always a certain glow on our face. We do everything possible to please our partner and vice versa. Everything seems so perfect, but as time passes you find that there is something amiss in your relationship. There is no spark left in it. You ask yourself "Is the romance dead"?. I just need your comments. Few points to take care: 1) Take time out for your mate. Plan a weekend trip. The point is not take your relationship for granted. 2) Talk to each other. There is always more to learn about each other. Even discussing current events or asking your partner for their point of view on a problem. Keep asking questions about their lifes and sharing memories and stories and continue to build on that connection, rather letting it fade away. 3) Go the extra mile - Let your mate know that he is still important and worth making an effort for as in the beginning of your relationship you were eager to surprise your parter with a breakfast or a little gift. 4) Keep the fire burining - Don't slack off and do not take your partner for granted. Love need consistent, careful attention to thrive like in case of a plant. Without it your relationship is destined to wither away.
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