In your daily life: what did you change in your lifestyle to survive with FM??

May 30, 2007 8:36am CST
By exemple: Me with FM, with sleep disorders often i sleep in day time and at night i am very active! So, beds apart! Sometimes the coach, sometimes the very cold woodfloor to paralyse the pain!!About food: "i do plate apart with my husband" LOL **Cut coffee, Cut tea, Cut sugar & sweety, No Meat, No Milk... anymore and many friends No Gluten anymore! Can i eat something finally? - How to go to restaurant with friends? No McDo with the kids, Burger K., Colonel Chicken or Pizza... Forget it!!**What for 8 months? Fast & Easy: I had been on: Soya milk with Soya Proteins chocolate taste, that's it!! ...even my cat does not want it LOL I had to stop travelling also, too much pain in car on long distance or needing toilet each 10-20 minutes!! or oopppss... often on myself!!So, in conclusion: my lifestyle is completly changed, i am not a SUPERWOMAN WORKING ANYMORE... i stay home, sit in the garden, go for a walk if i am able to get out bed, get dress, not too weak or tired to stand up and walk a few. Often, i need help for the house things, cleaning, cooking, laundry... the day i will need a person to feed me, to wash me in my bath... i will "EXPLOSE" for sure!!, i make money aside just in case and then i will do "medical tourist", like they call it, back to my step-family in Holland for... Euthanasia maybe... Cancer kills Fibro makes suffering illimited!! Bye! Bye! Enjoy day by day or minute by minute! Smile & Laugh Life is so SHORT!!
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@youdontsay (3503)
• United States
30 May 07
I had to retire early from my job because of fibro and fatigue. That drastically reduced my income, so my life became more limited by money. I don't get out and about as much, so some friends have drifted apart. I'd say that every part of my life has changed to a slower pace. I did a lot of dietary changes, too. Some helped some didn't. And I spend lots of money on supplements and medications just to keep functioning. At one point I was dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, and caffien-free all at once. Talk about limited! LOL I preferred the rice milk products to the soy, especially the Rice Dream frozen dessert. I can't say I've gotten totally accustomed to the slower pace. I still get frustrated with it at times, even though I've been dealing with it for at least ten years.
• Canada
30 May 07
Thank you for your story... $$ i have also money matter, it is why i am here on MyLot to try to get some, easy in a way sitting at home computer and very interesting topics changing my mind also! I wish you the BEST my friend truly!