jiont/nuclear family

May 30, 2007 10:07am CST
is it better to hav a joint family or a nuclear family ... i live in a joint one ... children are taken care by some or d other person i.e babysitters r available for free .... what do u think is better and why so...
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@Phlamingho (7834)
• Denmark
30 May 07
I've grown up in a nuclear family, so that's all I know, and I liked it :-)
• India
30 May 07
It is upto the person to person nature... One who is in joint family prefers the nuclear where as who is in nuclear will feel that joint.... In joint there is no problem for any one because though there may be internal quarrels but when situation comes they unite later on they treat in a different way with the person....... At the same time it is much difficult to have individual enjoyment because every one is responsible for some or the other, ofcourse we feel much happy when we got a success or for a great work that we done because there are so many persons to share the joy but we cannot share with only one. Also, we can give some of our work for the other..... Where as Nuclear we are only the one responsible foreverything.. We cannot simply leave our work and go where as we can share and enjoy with our own persons... Life is easier, we are decision makers, we do according to our wish... this is the nuclear life..... An example, In a bus there are so many people will travel some comfortably sit some stand some pushes some stamps etc., though we feel not much comfortable but as such the cost of journey is nominal and if the driver does a mistake all passengers were effected ...... In a car, sit comfortable, relax, enjoy music, etc., but if the driver does mistake then only few effected but the cost of journey comes to much more ..... Also the owner is always responsible for the driving and traffic Still some people prefer bus , some wants to buy car, some can afford for car but perfer bus, some cannot afford for car but thinks to buy car... Like this so many examples we can produce but its upto the person to person along with the circumstances, situations, godbless, luck