Do you use Mouth Wash?

United States
May 30, 2007 11:26am CST
Do you use mouth wash after brushing your teeth? Sometimes i don't use it because i get lazy sometimes, and think that my teeth or whole mouth is already clean after brushing my teeth so why should i use a mouth wash. well its just one of those days :). how about you?
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@jennysp8 (855)
• United States
30 May 07
Mouthwash helps to clean the entire mouth and places in teeth that the brush has a hard time getting. It is always a good idea to use mouthwash everyday. But with that said, I don't use it myself. hahaha! I used to have no problem with the taste but after my first daughter the smell and taste makes me gag. If I try to use it, I end up throwing up. It still affects me to this day. I wish I could use it without getting sick. I have tried every flavor and brand out there. Oh well, my teeth haven't fallen out yet and I still brush several times a day. lol
@Craig747 (488)
30 May 07
I usually use mouthwash when I need to freshen my breath but can't be bothered cleaning my teath. I don't use it after I brush my teeth to be honest. I'm a bit lazy as well I suppose.
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