ok...so i have had it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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May 30, 2007 1:12pm CST
i cant take it anymore. if one more person says to me...it happens everywhere, i am going to haul off and beat the heck out of them!!! i live in pa in a gated community. everyone in my community pretty much came from nj or ny. it is much more affordable here than in nj or ny. many of these ny'ers that came here from the city still commute to work in the city. they leave their bad teens home all day alone. well there are gang problems here because of this. i cant tell you how many issues we have had here in the two years that i have lived here. many gang related and others gun related. some are both. today, about 10 houses down the road from my house, a kid got shot. it is very hush hush right now. some are saying it was an accident. i dont buy that though. these kids know very well how to use guns and why were they messing around with guns in the middle of the day, or anytime for that matter?? what is this society coming to? i cant deal with hearing or seeing these types of crimes anymore. our community looks so nice and quiet but it is anything but. how do i raise my kids like this?? people wonder why i have decided to homeschool my daughter next year. this is why!! i dont like the stories that i have heard about our junior high and that is where she would be going next year. not happening!!! i feel even more secure about homeschooling after the few instinces that have occured in the past few weeks alone. this isnt the first shooting in our community and i am sure it wont be the last. i write for the newspaper and i something like this should really peak my interest as far as a story is concerned....but i cant bring myself to write about this in our local paper. i cant have people not liking what i reported and coming after me. anyone else deal with this stuff??
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@Thoroughrob (11750)
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30 May 07
You would think that being in a gated community, that you should be safer and it is hard to believe that those things would be going on. I totally understand why you would homeschool. People are so unpredictable anymore.
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31 May 07
you would think that..right? i thought that way too but i am finding out, the hard way, that it isnt the case. the problem here is that there are a lot of people moving here from the city (ny) and bringing their trouble with them. it is much more affordable than living in the city but many of them still commute to work in the city and leave their kids here alone all day. what do they expect then, ya know? when things like this happen, i so know that i am doing the right thing by homeschooling. thanks for your response. i needed to let off some steam. and to make matters worse, no one wanted to talk to me because i am the press. amazing...no one would answer any questions. i dont like that things are so hush hush. i live here and deserve to know what is going on in the community that i live in and pay mad dues in..lol.