Does anyone else love a good thunderstorm?

United States
May 30, 2007 1:55pm CST
I don't know what it is about thunderstorms but I love them. I live in Oklahoma, so you can imagine that we get a lot of them from time to time. Theres just something about them that gets my heart pounding. My friend and I used to go and chase storms, not a smart thing to do looking back on it but man was it exciting. Watching clouds roll in with lightening flicking back and forth. I love it!
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• Philippines
30 May 07
you are a unique individual when it comes to this attitude. most persons i know fear thunderstorms. in fact there are a lot who has a phobia for thunderstorms. i for one, can never love this thing once it occurs. it is fearful. the rains come falling real hard. the thunder roars are deafening. then the lightning, how hard it strikes. one month last year it struck a portion of our yard. the whole house got so lighted though there was an outage of electricity then. when the second strike at our yard took place again, it caused some damage this time. some electrical wires got burned. it was good that my son and i were awake. we were able to pull the main line down immediately and put off the fire and thus, prevented the onset of a disaster. now, i am all the more wary of thunderstorms taking place.
• United States
30 May 07
i can understand why you feel that way. even though i love thunderstorms, i do have a lot of respect for them. though i used to chase them when i was younger, i have to become more aware of my safety when they are rolling through especially now that i'm a mom. but at times its like riding a roller coaster ride for me. they scare me but then when they are over, they were great. does that make sense? if there is a clap of thunder, i jump just like anyone but its usually followed by a smile. i just enjoy the power of mother nature unless there is a tornado involved. thats a whole other story.