Lightning and Thunderstorms

lightning and thunderstorm, what do you do? - These days, it is already starting to rain. At times in early evenings, we experience lightning and thunderstorms. I am generally afraid of thunders, and have associated it with lightning, where we would rather stay home because of fear of being hit by lightning.
@psyche49f (2511)
May 30, 2007 6:04pm CST
We're now experiencing the onset of La Niña, or rainy days. There were times that there were already thunderstorms...I reminisced the time when I was a child, my mother used to go around the house to cover our mirrors with cloth everytime there was lightning and a result I thought that if I don't do that, something bad was going to happen, like we'll be hit by the lightning or something. Funny because today, I no longer do it. I don't know why my mother did that up to now. May she rest in peace....
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@mamacathie (3929)
• United States
31 May 07
Thunder and Lightning don't bother me at all. I go about my business as if it wasn't doing it, unless it gets loud and then it just scares me at the loud noise, but I am not scared of it.
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@psyche49f (2511)
• Philippines
31 May 07
Good for you, mamacathie...your courage is admirable....