The Miniature Schnauzer - Dog Breed

Janesville, Wisconsin
May 30, 2007 9:48pm CST
This breed is of German origin, and dates back to the 15th century. They came from crossing the Affenpinschers, and poodles, and were recognized as a seperate breed in 1899. They were bread to hunt badger, fox, weasel and other vermin. They are stocky built, wiry coat, and have many whiskers and leg furnishings, and are known to be hardy, healthy, intelligent and fond of children, as well as make a wonderful companion. They are also not as large or active as their larger cousin, the Giant Schnauzer, and they make a good apartment dog, and family pet. There colors are Salt and peppers, and silver and solid black. The average weight in females is approximimately 13-16 pounds, and the average weight in males is approximately 15-19 pounds. The average height in females and males is approximately 12-14 inches. I wrote this up from some old notes in highschool, that I took for extracredit in the evolution unit. Is there any other information you know or would like to share about the Dog breed of The Miniature Schnauzer? If so please do. Do you have a Miniature Schnauzer, and want to share with us about them? Please do. - DNatureofDTrain
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• Philippines
19 Sep 07
The miniature schnauzer is a breed of small dog of the Schnauzer type that originated in Germany in the mid-to-late 19th century. Miniature Schnauzers developed from crosses between the Standard Schnauzer and one or more smaller breeds such as the Poodle, Miniature Pinscher, or Affenpinscher. The breed remains one of the most popular, and is currently the 10th most popular breed in the US. The miniature schnauzer are known for their lively personality. They are also highly loyal to their owners and can be very energetic, but if not given proper exercise or a balanced diet, they will gain weight very quickly. Miniature schnauzer can be vocal dogs, and such they tend to be excellent watchdogs. Tendency to bark, as with their other characteristics, is a hereditary characteristic. Unnecessary barking can usually be controlled by training if the owner has patience with the dog. They are often reserved with strangers until the owners of the home welcome the guest, upon which they are typically very friendly to them. The breed is generally good with children, recognizing that they need gentle play. However, they do have a tendency to bark and sometimes nip at small children who might be too rough with them. Miniature schnauzer are generally highly intelligent and easy to train. They require a great deal of attention and affection from their owner, regardless if they are show dogs or home pets. If not given affection on a regular basis the breed can become depressed, which can decrease their mental and physical health.