How much do you love him/her?

@rikki8 (392)
May 30, 2007 10:32pm CST
Are you willing to leave your girl/boy friend if it was for his/her good and happiness? How much love is there by leaving somebody? If you knew if your partner is in love with somebody else but she would not admit it and yet you see the signs. Would you tell her you did not love her anymore or provoke something that will cause you both to break up somehow just to let her be free again so that she would have the chance to go for this other person whom you know very well she loves more than you? Painful but a reality to contend with....
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@Gorgeous24 (1091)
• United States
31 May 07
If I knew the man I was sooo in love with was NOT in love with me...I would have no choice but to let him go, It would save us both alot of heartache down the rode. When you your in love with someone you want them to be happy and if making my man happy means letting him go then thats exactly what I would do because obviously he didnt value and love me the way I DESERVE to be loved so why stay around. In the end maybe we could be good friends, you never know!
@rikki8 (392)
• Philippines
31 May 07
You are a practical person to say the least. There are some who are not entirely like you that are so greedy unlike you. That's what true love is all about I guess...ready to let go of your man/girl if you see it being the best for him/her. Thank you for your sharing.:)
• Sri Lanka
31 May 07
All i have to say to my X girl friend is ,,,, " I feel so much better now that you'r gone forever, i tell my self that i don't miss you at all, im not lying denying , i feel so much better now, that you'r gone foirever !! and now its coming clear, that i don't need you here, and in this world around me i'm glad your desapeared !! "
@guolong (57)
• China
31 May 07
I love her,I don't know whether she loves me ,so I hope my love that don't give her a burden. I wish she accept me .I love her,love her smile.