May 31, 2007 12:29am CST
ok is playing halo multiplayer without live the same as playing it split screen and is it fun and can u play multiplayer wit halo 1
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@vikkramm (497)
• India
31 May 07
The difference between playin halo on live and on multiplayer is that on multiplayer, everyone is on the same screen and you can see when someone sees you. everyone doesn't necessarily have to be on the same screen. if you have multiple xbox's, you can hook them up to two different tv's and hook the xbox's with a special cord (i dont' know the name of the cord) and then you can play against ppl and not be able to see what they're doing. this is extremely useful for parties and stuff. it takes away from the game. also on live, there are a lot more ppl, therefore a lot more competition. and yes you can play multiplayer with halo 1