Curfew hours--have you experienced having one and how did you feel?

May 31, 2007 1:25am CST
Im sure when we were all kids or even teenagers, we had a curfew that our parents would impose upon us,meaning there is a certain time that you have to be home by then.In our city, there is also a curfew law that kids below 18 years old have to be home by 10pm or they will be detained in jail for the night. How do you feel about curfew hours? Do you agree and follow it or do you feel that it is just a hindrance to your freedom?
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@whywiki (6070)
• Canada
4 Jun 07
I had a curfew that my parents tried to give me. I never followed it and was always in trouble. As far as cities having curfew I think it is wrong and as a teen I would work on changing it. The govt. has gotten out of control.
@magikrose (5423)
• United States
31 May 07
When I was a teenager I hated having a curfew. The thing is I never dared to stay out past my curfew. Now that Iam older and a mom myself when my kids get oldenough to go out they will have a curferw as well. I know they are going to hate it as I did and that is alright.
@shorva (923)
• Philippines
31 May 07
Well I hated it when I was young, because I can't spend as much time as I want with my friends out. But now I'm an adult, I am completely for it, and I think it's a good way of disciplining your children. It's better to do it that way rather than when you're guessing what time will they come home. And I think that it's also good that it's imposed on some cities. There's so many crazy people at night and this will help prevent crimes in some ways.
@mean_queen (1713)
• Malaysia
31 May 07
when I was a teen, my dad was very strict and he wouldn't let me go out on weekdays.. even on weekends, i'd have to be back home by 8pm! sometimes, he'd let me go out at night, which was very rare, and even then i had to be back by 11pm. i didn't really mind back then since i knew he was doing it for my own safety. of course it was such a bore since all my friends were still out and i thought their parents were so cool. but now i realize that it appreciate what my parents did when i was a kid. now i'm 25 and i have all the freedom i want.. i don't feel like i missed out on much. i've got my own place and i think it's funner cuz now people treat me respectfully and i get to go to any club i want. =)
• United States
31 May 07
Back when I was young enough to have one, I had to be in the house by 9p.m. in the summer and 8p.m. the rest of the year..I didn't have a problem with that because there wasn't much to do anyway..when I got a little older, I'd say about 15 or 16, I realized that the curfew I got then (10p.m. for school nights, 11p.m. for the weekends and summer) didn't even mother worked nights and my father wasn't even home..I stayed out as long as I wanted, just as long as I stay away from where I knew my father was...