WordPress: Blogging Free --- But Earning Using Adsense

United States
May 31, 2007 1:33am CST
I am sooo confused! I was hoping to open a free blog that would let me use AdSense, and from what I can see, it looks like Word Press gives you a choice of their own "affiliates" and their won "widgets". Did I get that right? I'm so new to this. I really need to learn the vocabulary. As a techie I recognise the fact that I may be working with limits on a free blogging site, and that Word Press has to pay for my blog since I haven't. The question is, do I have to pay for an upgrade to be able to use my own AdSense code, or can I pop that into my text and/or trade up their "widgets" with my own? I don't really care about my templates at this time. I just want to get the blog going and do it quickly. And no, I don't want to pay someone to tell me how to do it for $67... I was up all night Googling keywords like AdSense, Free AdSense Friendly Blog, Word press AdSense...etc. It seems everyone in the world wants to sell me the info...there's virtually no help for free out there. So post up some help sites, give me a tip or two, and hopefully we can help others to make it via blogging. :)
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