An air powered car?

United States
May 31, 2007 2:23am CST
I just read on yahoo's homepage about an air powered car. It uses compressed air to push the engines pistons. The city cat model will clock at 68mph, and supposedly you can drive 125 miles before "filling up". Just as easy as stopping at the gas station, where there is an air compresser, just like if you were filling up a tire. If you dont have access to compressed air, then you plug it in and the internal compresser will charg and fill the car up for you. in about four hours. (I probably wouldnt do that. i would rather go to an air pump to fill up) What a great idea... the problem, it probably wont make it in the states, becuase it is lightwieght, and has a glued together fiberglass body, becuase it might not stand up to the crash tests in the USA. If you wanna check it out go to the yahoo home page and look at the featured articals. I really think this idea would be great if someone out there could figure out a way to make it safe enough to pass our crash tests. As in, a better body, and what ever else that would make it "safer" I would own one how about you? What do you think about the car in general?
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