Why do you not have a top level domain website ? Is it because you don't know

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May 31, 2007 3:05am CST
about websites, html ? Do you think you have to spend hundreds of dollars ? I see so many people that don't have a website, and they are trying to make money online the hard way with replicated affilite websites. If your willing to spend $10.00 per month for website. I will help and show you. It's really quite easy. All you need to know is how to do a few things. I can show you in 30 minutes. I'm helping people get set up with a home town community website with big name stores with multiple incomes streams. Google Adsense for easy money when people click those google ads, you get paid on paid per click basis. With in a couple of days with my help your website will be up and running with the proper domain, content, Google Adsense and you will not have a website that even looks MLM. Plus, you can even build a downline with your website and help others by duplicating what I show you. It is so simple and other are charging big dollars for I sharing for only the cost of your GDI website. Take a tour, watch the movie. Then if your intested as you should be, then contact me so I can give you the proper key rich domain anme for your home town. http://www.proadco.ws See profile for contact info.
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20 Jun 07
I didn't have one because you didn't meet me about 10 yrs ago when I got my domain name. I was an acting blonde at that time and got a unique name that noone would ever think about searching for....lol
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8 Jul 07
lmaoo... Acting blondes are fun. Well, 10 yrs ago.. better let then never. Now you have the next 10 years to make up for the previous, but make 10 x fold earnings.