PBS Does your local station SUCK?

@meander (168)
May 31, 2007 3:18am CST
My local PBS sucks. It has all reruns dateing back many years ago. I remember having watch old re-runs of The Antique Road Show, Painting Lessons,Old bands,long gone and almost forgotten. Fogotten singers, and dead ones as well.After Midnight it is realy hopless.OLd dead dancers,\;which were never any good, and worst band and orchestras. Or orchestras playing over and over again the same thing.MY PBS is forever running a Marathon in an effort to raise money. It is pitiful realy. Everything (almost can be had for free on the internet.It is all very,very sad. I watched a bit of one recent marathon and got lost with the mindless pleas for outrages sums of money being asked for a CD or 2 CD's at double or some outrageous prices.
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