Is Magickal Spells real or just coincidence?

Janesville, Wisconsin
May 31, 2007 5:59am CST
I know I have done many spells, that have worked, and I learned that there are not such things as coincidences on my path, it all happens for a reason, to catch our attention, and if we know what we are doing so seemingly silly little coicendences, can be beneficial in our favor. I want to hear from you all, Do you believe That spells are real or just coincidences? And your reasons Why? - DNatureofDTrain
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@FireHorse (294)
• United States
1 Jun 07
I believe it's far more than mere coincidence even though there is currently no proof. My hope is that some day metaphysics and physics will combine into one unified science but until we can mathematically explain the principle envolved, we will have to simply call it magic. I feel there is a quantifiable connection that allows consciousness to alter reality but there is no way of showing this at present, other than a manifested spell which can easily be dismissed as coincidence by those that worship skeptiscism.
• Janesville, Wisconsin
14 Jul 07
I agree with you as 90% of the time I do not believe in coincidences.. 2% of the time I do the other percent I am in two much awe to think about whether it is or not :) ... I do not believe it can alter reality, I know it can. Alot of the answers to this can be found in Studying Shamanism, Shamans, Shamanistic practices... and other mystical practices that predate most modern religions. - DNatureofDTrain
@maehan (1445)
• United States
1 Jun 07
I like this discussion. Magickal Spells hmmm hard to explain and there is no proof or scientific explanation. I only know that I had been warn by elderly not to pick anything from the floor that people burn hell money during ancestor or seven month ghost festival (chinese belief). They believe that it had a spell or something will happen to you. There is an incident happen to my brother when he was young. He was warned not to get down from an enclosed staircase at one of the building near our apartment. He did not listen. And, he cried suddenly for no reason during dawn for almost 1/2 hour and my mom need to calm him down and ask him is he not feeling well. He just stare blankly and stop thereafter. My mom was so worried that she brought him to the several doctor for check-up. Finally, one of the elderly nurse told my mom to visit an chinese media at the temple. The monk ask my brother did he do something that he not suppose to do. He think and reply that he had gone to the apartment that my grandparent ask him not to. The monk just tell my mom to bring my brother back to the same place and burn some incense and hell money. Strange! The next following days..... my brother is ok. Till now, my mom at times still talk about it. My brother just smile and say coincidence. Well, to me.... I think is real.
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