May 31, 2007 8:43am CST
what type of clothes do you wear?i mean are you a sporty person?a classy person?a skater?a chav?a posh one?i would say im sporty but not chavy but kind of designer
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• India
19 Oct 12
I only have a good collection of shirts ,T-shirts and jeans. I only used to wear those types of clothes. I feel those are good and matching for me. On each time while I go for shopping I just try to get shirt and jeans with new and wonderful design and colors. This makes me to get sticked with them.
• India
17 Mar 11
Lol i am a Professor, i am decently dressed always. I don’t prefer to use ‘Ready-made’ garments, just don’t like the fitting, they are made based on average choice, but many like tight fitting, many loose fitting; about shirt length some want long some short. For pants I prefer polystyrene blended with cotton, but my shirts are pure cotton, right for the hot climate here. Thanks for this discussion, god bless, cheers Professor BHUWAN
@missbdoll (1168)
• Australia
20 Oct 08
It really depends what I'm doing.Most days I'm just in jeans and tops.I've got tons of clothes I don't get roubd to wearing a lot. I do like to have something to get dressed up g for.