I hate slow drivers

May 31, 2007 9:12am CST
Man ! I hate slow car drivers on the road .. they just drive me crazy.. who has given them the car and the license in the first place to drive on the road, i don't understand... a large number of women usually fall in this category but lemme tell you, i ain't discriminating.. i am sure you have a hard time if you get stuck behind them by any chance.. or you urself could be a slow driver and that means i hate you from the core of my heart... What say !!!!!
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@Jennifer21 (2476)
• United States
31 May 07
Well, I hate fast drivers. It is dangerous and quite unnessasary. Speeders cause deaths every day, compared to slow drivers who just cause the speeders to get aggitated. I used to speed all the time before I wised up. I had a few accidents, 7 speeding tickets, and lost my licence for awhile. Now I am a very cautious driver, I drive the speed limit no matter what, and I see nothing wrong with that. I see everyday, as I am casually driving to the store, speeders swerving in and out of the flow of traffic in order to get away from the "slow drivers." It is ridiculous and very dangerous. I have seen the dangerous consequences of speeding. But it does bother me when I come accross someone going 10 mph under the speed limit, that gets me a little aggitated. I see nothing wrong with casually driving the speed limit, although others may get angry, I don't care. I am out for my own safety and that of my children.
• Malaysia
31 May 07
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hahahaha...this is funny! i mean the way you wrote it :) ..i dislike slow car drivers too, i can't stand driving behind them. especially those who drives on the fast lane, yet drives slowly. i don't really care if they wanna drive slow, it's up to them, but i wish they'd be more considerate to others. some people are rushing for time and if they wanna be slow, it's ok if there's no car behind them, then they can take their own sweet time! if i'm stuck with someone who drives slow and i'm in a hurry, i feel like grabbing the steering wheel and take over. i don't really hate slow drivers as an individual, just the way they drive ;)