Food Safety

May 31, 2007 9:31am CST
Last week,one of my roommates,Gary,bought a bag of bread from a small supermarket.There was no production date printed on the package.He ate up the bread and two hours later,he felt his stomach stated aching.He wanted to vomit but failed.He couldn't help moaning and didn't want to eat and drink anything.We hurriedly took him to the hospital.After several hours of transfusion,Gary recovered.The doctor told us that he had been food poisoned.The food he ate had expired itsshelf life. From this incident,I think that measures on food safety should be further strengthed.More importantly,the supervison on small supermarkets should be stricter.In fact,small supermarkets are ignored to some extent,This may be another meaning of the saying "Ignorance is danger."For those budinessmen and managers,they should be more morally conscious.They might be trying to save some money at the cost of others' health and more money loss.As college students,we should be more careful when we select food in order to avoid such incident.
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@smacksman (6074)
31 May 07
Poor Gary. How unlucky for him. I mean bread is fairly safe normally. Ok it has a shelf life that is very short as foods go and when you get it home and finish the last slice it is well out of date, going a bit stale and with the first evidence of green mould starting to grow on the outside. I just scrape that bit off and carry on eating it or pop it in the toaster and I'm still alive to tell the tale!