How long???!!!

United States
May 31, 2007 2:13pm CST
So how long and how much money do you put into your work at home biz?? When do you say it is just too much and give up?? What is your time period to make a success of your dreams? I am curious to see how others perceive the timeline of their own success. I give myself a year to be able to stay home financially safe. Not rich just comfortable.
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@vampoet (825)
• Singapore
31 May 07
I don't really believe in online financial freedom. I have a job that gives me what I need and invest to make my money work a bit harder. Whatever I get from mylot or wherever, I treat it as a free meal or a free movie ticket or transport expenses paid for a
• United States
31 May 07
Hmmm, that's a hard one. I have been self-employed, stay at home for almost 2 years now as an eBay Seller, when I first started out I made a bundle and was doing very well, better than comfortable for a long time, then the fees went up, everywhere and it cost more to post, and then people were not buying like they used to, lot more scammers out there, it got to the point that 6 months I gave it up, said I was done and needed to find something else, I have been able to stay at home still with odd eBay sales and a few places here and there for $$ but nothing like I used to make, but I am hopeful, that if I still plug along something will come along, so I have to say it comes and goes with life, sometimes it real good and other times it sucks, but if it is your dream to stay at home you will make it happen. Good Luck!!