do you pay attention to your symptoms etc

@trinihd (996)
United States
May 31, 2007 3:58pm CST
How involved are you in your health "care"? Do you pay attention to the things you eat and how they affect you even if you don't have allergies or intolerances? I try to do that, sometimes, but I do not remember to do it all the time. I noticed today when I went in the pool (after consuming a lot of milk and cheese the preceding days,) that I had a lot of mucus (pardon the grossness! lol) I have read somewhere that milk products cause your body to have a lot more mucus, and so I attribute that extra mucus directly to that...of course I have no real proof...but it's just something I will keep looking out for from now on...just an example of the things I do sometimes to help me understand my body and how it reacts to different things I eat etc.
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