Why women are falling all time in same paterns when they choice another husband?

May 31, 2007 8:42pm CST
...abuse, violence, intolerance, emotional abuse, physical abuse,etc... Is the next partner will be better, not like the previous abusive husband? Psychologist did proove women follow the same patern all their life in Love matter. - What do you think about? - Is this happened to you in your Love Life? Share your story with us , please
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• Philippines
1 Jun 07
Oh well..maybe it's our furtune..it's their furtune, a lifetime Love life I guess. Evrything has a purpose why we have incidents like that. I have frustrations before for my past first love, puppy loves and crushes but not from my one and only husband. Because in our religion we are not permitted to have a divorce and marry again it's against the word of God. So as much as possible we have to settle it first on our own then if we can't capable enough we gonna seek for the advise of our elders then the priests. But now because of so many happenings in our world I think this was not given importance they just divorce and remarry again..and again..so sad. I hope they will be enlighten. And I know different countries has different cultures, beliefs and laws. We can't deny it we must accept them. :)