just a thought....

United States
May 31, 2007 9:40pm CST
So I was watching Montel today and his show was about past victims of school shootings...It really made me cry. There was a psychologist on there that stated that perhaps we as a culture allow our children from a very young age to feel the power of shooting and using a gun. With water pistols, paintball guns, video games that use shooting in it, ect. The other suggested allowing our children's authority figures to be highly trained in using a gun in the crazy instance that a school shooting should happen at our children's school. I agree with the first psychologist because I think in a way as a culture itself we've begun to allow lines to be crossed that allow children to act out in behaviors that were unacceptable when even I was growing up! Heck I still remember when parents could sign a form when we started school allowing punishment by a paddle if necessary! I dont think that arming school staff no matter how "higly trained" they are is the safest for our children either! Any one have an opinion on this?
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