how are your child's eating habits?

May 31, 2007 11:48pm CST
Is your child a fussy eater who makes you run around the whole house at meal times? Does he /she like sweet foods or salty stuff? Does your child eat enough greens? so basically what is the eating pattern of your child? My daughter is a non fussy eater, has always been. she has all kinds of soups, potatoes, brown bread, pasta, lentils, rice, banana, mashed apple, sweet cakes, biscuits and chocolates too. I feel blessed and lucky but all this food doesn't show anywhere on her, she 's a thin kid and thats what makes me sad, I would have wanted her to be plump and chubby like those poster kids.(just kidding).
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@gradyslady (4055)
• United States
26 Sep 07
My mom said when we were younger we weren't picky at all, but as we got older we did get picky, good thing I do the cooking.
@34momma (13895)
• United States
1 Jun 07
all of my children are good eaters. i never had to tie them down to eat or run around to get them to eat. they always sat down and did what need to be done.
• United States
1 Jun 07
I have 2 kids a 2 1/2 year old and a 15 month old girls. Neither are very picky eaters, my oldest is more so but she will still eat good. She loves carrots, pasta, bread, quite a few vegetables, nearly every fruit. So I can say she is a great eater. If she doesnt feel like eating much I will tell her to eat more so she can have a cookie or whatever (bribery can be nice lol). My youngest will eat nearly anything and everything set infront of her, she loves to eat. Both my girls are on the thinner side, my oldest is tall and lanky and my little one is short and slightly chunky. But they are both small boned, I would think after all my one year old eats shed be a real chunker but she is small boned. They both burn alot by playing hard too.
@tredale (1313)
• Australia
1 Jun 07
I have four kids and three are great eaters everything you put in front of them but one is a fussy eater wont eat anything, I have friends that say if it wasnt for the other three they would be sure that he was brought up on takeaway. He will sit at the table night after night with the same food as everyone else and refuse to eat it. He is the middle child so its not that hes the youngest and just been able to get away with it or we lost interest. He is just a fussy eater and makes mealtime a real challenge it has been easier at times just to give in but we do try to make him eat what we are eating. He would eat polony sandwiches until his face turned green and thats just about it. Though he looks healthy and has a little chub on him he wont eat anything thats good for him.
• Canada
1 Jun 07
Out of the five children I have , only one of them is not picky and is a good eater . They are all big on sweets and will have this any chance they get . My girls all like greens but my son won't eat much of this stuff unless you get upset with him and tell him that he has to eat it or he gets nothing for the rest of the night but this usually resuts in a fight and we don't enforce it all the time . One of my daughters is an extremely good eater and is not fussy and eats healthy food all the time and is really tiny . She is fifteen and only weights ninety pounds . I had her checked out and she has a really high metabolism and will never be able to gain much but I know what you are saying as I wish she was bigger as she often passes for a twelve year old where my other childre are not as good eaters and they are all bigger then she is or was at the same age .