can anyone figure out what this sound was I heard?

batzilla - my finger with a drawn of batzilla hahah
June 1, 2007 12:06am CST
I live in South America. My town is not middle of the jungle, and we don't have wild animals here, but a few days ago very late in night when I went to get some of water I heard a strange and very scary sound. Since I live upstairs and the kitchen is in the first story, I went downstairs and heard a very strange sound coming from a dark place outside. It was like a hight sound, and I have never heard anything like it. Well, not so high because I heard a little bat make a similar sound. I was rally scare because I felt myself in danger, and I tried to figure out where the sound was coming from but couldn't. It seen like the thing was moving, maybe flying, so I went quickly to get my water from my parent's kitchen, and when I came back it was still there making that strange sound. it was like a bird or maybe a snake but very high. I closed all the windows and checked all the doors. I am still thinking what it could have been, I am sure it was an animal and not a mechanical thing.
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