Why Dogs Hate Cats

@aseem8 (86)
June 1, 2007 12:38am CST
Usually we observe dogs dont like cats ....they chase them and rebuke them and bark them bitterly .....its amazing why they do like cats .....on the other side cats too raciproctae the same behaviour .....what are the possible reasons of this behaviour ? lets discuss .....
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@peanutjar (5211)
• Canada
18 Oct 07
Hi aseem.I dont really know why also,but my dog absolutely loves cats,haha.I f she sees a stray cat,she slowly walks towards it and gets close enough to say "hey,im a friend,dont go".She chases them playing and they chase her back.Its funny to see.We have 2 cats and she adores them,greeting them in the morning and giving licks on their face.The cats(especially one)when they see her laying or sleeping in her bed,they come lay beside her close.They run threw the house playing and chasing each other,its quite funny to see,haha.I think if a dog is brought up around cats,that they become o.k with them,but if they never saw a cat before,then they freak out and chase them.My dog was 4 months old when she was introduced to our cat,then later we got another and they became best friends,keeping each other company and entertained. Peanutjar:)