Life is passion,Isn't it?

June 1, 2007 1:33am CST
What do you do? That is the first question that people ask you when you are introduced to them.And the response is about one's work profile, one's workplace.However,there are few who buck the trend and respond by describing their passion, not their job.For the many business magnates whose only passion is the next million,there is a maverick tycoon whose life gets meaning from kite flying.For the thousands of call centre executives working eleven to seven routines, there is the oddball executive who spends most weekends racing remote controlled cars. Ask these people what they do, and be prepared for a detailed description of something far removed from their jobs,imbued with enough passion and excitement to get you all set to go bungee jumping with them the next weekend. A person with a passion takes more from life each day. It is not necessarily by paying lots of money for it either .Passionate people take more and give back more to life as well. Are u live life with passion?
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