How do you handle to stop hating someone?

June 1, 2007 1:56am CST
When I have a talk with friends personally, I often get told by them about their passing relationship with someone else. Yeah...they want to share with me because of any problem they're dealing with. Then I know (just an impression) that hating someone with whom they've been so involved is the matter of problems. Love and hate seem to be a pare of feelings that could substitute over each other abruptly, as well as happiness and unhappiness. When I hate someone, then there's something makes me unhappy. I'm sure everyone don't like such a situation. But sometimes it happens anyway. Do you think you have to handle it? Any tips on it? Thanks in advanced.
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• India
1 Jun 07
It just so happens that when you hate someone and are always thinking of that person and of the reason why you hate him/her. You just tend to see things around you in a different way. In a way which makes you dislike everything. I feel that if you want to get out of something like this, then just go out and do whatever you like to do the most. Or else hang out with your friends and with those friends who have other subjects to talk on apart from their girlfreinds. You can also try to share this thing with someone, it really helps. Best of luck.