Do you and your mate have different views on Parenting?

United States
June 1, 2007 1:57am CST
Do you have different views on how to raise your kids? Do you ever get into an arguement over it? What happens? Me and my boyfriend often argue on the raising of our kids. We never used to fight before we had kids now this is one thing we disagree about! He is over-bearing, gives in too easily and speaks to the kids much differently. He gets upset if they fall and get a scrape and will give in to anything they want. If hes around he'll let them do anything they want and argue with me if I tell them no. I am more firm with them when the kids are with them they listen good, are happy, have fun and do good. When he is around they cry, scream, whine for their own way, and act out. I hate arguing about this, because he is solid and stubborn in his own ways and wont change at all. Does anybody have advice? Do you argue with your mate about parenting your kids? Do you disagree about certain things?
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• Philippines
1 Jun 07
yes, there is a world of difference about our views on parenting. but it didn't last long. my husband left us while the kids were so young and so, the differences were gone with him when he went away. everything then turned out fine. as for your case, bear with the father of your children while he is around. he is mostly out anyway attending to his work and gets busy earning some money for the family. you will have to work on the kids when the dad is away. talk to them about the need for discipline. slowly, the children will understand. but be prepared for their reactions. they will always enjoy getting pampered. never tire of talking with your kids, though. it will make a lot of difference if you will do nothing about it. also, if you will keep on making the dad understand the importance for imposing discipline he might get it in long run.