Grrr ... i'm sending out spam and can't stop it

@Sasselle (698)
June 1, 2007 6:51am CST
Actually I'm not sending out spam but it is coming from an email address on my personal domain. I only realised as I've had over 1,000 messages in that account today that have been bounced back. The email address they are sending from doesn't exist but all the mail to them is just coming to the main account on the domain Has anyone else had this happen to them?? I've run numerous virus checkers and made sure my system is clean and i've changed all the passwords for the email accounts on the domain and the domain itself but it's still happening. I'm assuming they're just using one of those programs where they can just use any email address they think of. It's just frustratingly annoying as I feel bad incase people think it's me =S I've made a "spam" folder for all this bouncing to go straight into but is there anything else I can do to stop it??
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@byfaithonly (10716)
• United States
2 Jun 07
Yes, I have had this happen before, years ago when I was new to the internet and it really had me confused - I didn't send those people emails why was I getting all those 'cannot be delivered' messages. Ok, some one told me to do this and it won't happen in the future but then others have said there is no 'technical' reason that it would help. I however did it and have not had this happen since. Add a new 'contact' to your address book. It should be !0000 and I put WormAlert as the name for the 'made up e-mail address'. The theroy behind it is that when worms try to send themselves out they simply grab all the email addresses they can - because of the ! at the start of the made up address it will be the first on the list but opps it's not really an address so the worm can't send to it and that blocks it from sending the others. No idea if this will help you but it does tell me you have a 'worm' on your computer or in your domain somehow.
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@peaceful (3301)
• United States
1 Jun 07
Take a moment to visit to Smart Computing Tech Support: There might be a solution there for stopping this "ghosting" attack. Best of luck! :)
@AJMSmith (113)
30 Jun 07
i would make sure that the mail is really originating from your address ... i've seen a lot of mail apparantly originating from a domain that sends out NOTHING. The email simply has a false senders name on it ...