the worst champion of all time!!!???

June 1, 2007 9:06am CST
WHO DO YOU THINK IS THE WORST CHAMPION OF ALL TIME??? ...include all championships(ic championship, us championship, wwe tag team etc.)
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@babostwick (2037)
• United States
1 Jun 07
Let's see. ECW Title-Currently held by Vince Mcmahon. I'm sorry that's just wrong on so many levels. It really says a lot about the brand and it's suppose to accomplish. As far as WWE Title, that's a tough call actually. I'd have to really sit down and think on that one. Some can be easy to figure out. I could give it to JBL as I felt his run was overratted and boring. I know there's been others but in recent memory I give it to him. As for World Heavyweight Title, easy Randy Orton. He wasn't ready for it and never should have gotten it in the 1st place. It wasn't time and it could hurt a career giving it to someone who was never ready.
2 Jun 07
I will have to agree with you on Randy Orton. His behind-the-scene antics prove that he isn't quite ready for prime time yet. JBL was a good choice. He played his heel role perfectly and honestly brought fans to the show just to see him lose. A good heel urges you to cheer his demise and no one quite did that like JBL a couple years ago. That type of pure bad guy was sorely missed.
• United States
2 Jun 07
I agree Orton hasn't done himself any favors whatsoever. I'll give you that about JBL, he made people hate him without question. I just couldn't get into his run for some reason.
3 Jun 07
Neither could I but I can't really get into John Cena's run nor could I get into Bobby Lashley's ECW run so I suppose it's perspective and when you came into the wrestling game.
@arcidy (5016)
• United States
11 Jun 07
id have to say Randy Orton he did nothing during his face run and I frankly couldnt stand it mainly cause of his crappy face turn. It would of been better if they at least let him be heel for a feel months more then to turn him face then I think it would of been a lot better run.
• Philippines
2 Jun 07
Worst champion? Edge would have my bet. He doesn't deserve it, and its irritating everytime he talks or grins, or laughs or whatever! Um, remember Bob Backlund when he took one from Bret? well, he's a sore in the eye to look at as a champion as well...And of cource Vince Mcmahon, everytime he gets a title, it's ridiculous and always ranks probably as one of the worst plots made for that time being...
@ajf7688 (116)
• India
2 Jun 07
i dnt think any champ was al of them wer gud champs.........hum....hum m kiddin! who can forget vinnie mac d current ecw champ d worst eva! he dosent defend regularly- like he can! n even wen he does defend he books handicap matches!boo vince boo him!
2 Jun 07
Hard to say. World championship wise, Vince Kennedy McMahon back in the attitude era tops the list.