Crossdresser compliments!!!

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June 1, 2007 2:15pm CST
So, when I was a little younger (about 19), I had gone to Mardi Gras in St.Louis one year. Me and my boyfriend at the time had gone to meet up with a few of our friends and we had planned on meeting them at this bar called Clemintine's, maybe you can guess by the name as to what type of bar it is (a gay bar, which I had no clue of), so I go inside to look around for my friend, and as I am walking through, a man fell over (too much to drink, i think) and I lent him a hand to help him up, (he looked very pretty by the way, in his peach colored, flamingo dress, and 12" heals). Once up off the floor, he looks straight into my eyes, and he says "You are really pretty!!!" I say Thank You, and turn around in a sort of confused state of mind, wondering to myself...hmmm, how do I take that? Should I accept it as a compliment? Or does he think I am really a guy, and really it was a put down to me? What do you think?
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@nuffsed (1274)
6 Jun 07
You can't be worrying about whether she thinks you are male or female. That is really not the point. She thinks you are pretty, full stop. The "for a transvestite" bit is only in your head!! I'd put money on it lol You really are very pretty.
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7 Jun 07
Well, thank you for that...I just wasn't really sure how to take it! ;) I have left a comment on a discussion you began a few months ago...the one about "is he a closet transvestite? i think was the name of it...but it was about my older brother that i was commenting on...if you could read and let me know what you think, that would be great!!! thanks for the response hope to hear from you!!
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