hwo will be saved?

June 1, 2007 4:48pm CST
You are cerain that will be saved? In Romans 8:1 says: No conviction has for that are in Christ. Are you in Christ Jesus? Jesus is our guarantee: only Jesus. Mary cannot guarantee nothing; nor John, Peter...Nor religion some...Only Jesus. He is the Way, the truth and life.. Antonio Valmir
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• United States
1 Jun 07
That is exactly right. My husband is Catholic, and I am non-denomination christian. He seems to think I am doing something wrong because I don't have the same beliefs as him. He actually prays to Mary, I pray to God in Jesus' name. He wants our children to grow up catholic, and I have told him that it does not really matter to me as long they know, and love Jesus Christ, and that they accept Him into they're hearts. That is the only way into the Kingdom of Heaven, and I thank God for my own mother who planted the seed in me. I am grateful for the life He has given me, it is not perfect, but it is awesome in so many ways becuse of my faith. My mom passed away Christmas night, 2005, and I have had so many people ask me, "How do you get through each day, especially at Christmas time?" My response is....He took her Home on that perfect day!!! Jesus' Birthday, what day could be more perfect than that to go Home!!!!
• Brazil
4 Jun 07
Hi my dearling, You are a great woman. God is with you.Pray for its husband. God bless you. Be firm! Antonio Valmir
• United States
2 Jun 07
This is correct- Once a person has place 100% in the person & work of Jesus Christ he is saved for eternity! There is NO Condemnation/No Judgment or Damnation for those who have been placed into Christ by Faith Alone. It is a very narrow path- Jesus is the Way (The only way) he is the Truth (The Only Truth) He is the Life (The Only Life). All roads may lead to Rome, but there is only one Road to Heaven! It is great to hear of your faith in Christ.
• Kottayam, India
2 Jun 07
Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that is God revealed in human form,who said there is no other name which can be saved.You accept Lord Jesus Christ as your personal saviour, then there is NO condemnation.Please my blogger site www.iamtheonlyway.blogspot.com