Loosing A Friend

United States
June 1, 2007 5:20pm CST
Okay, so this event happened a long time ago. However, I was wondering if anyone on here can relate. Back in 2005, I lost a good friend. Well, she used to be a good friend. I had known the girl since we were in the 6th grade (9 years), when she took it upon herself, to be a sleeze, verses being a friend. It happened in a two day process that made me loose this friendship. It started one day, when I was out to coffee with another friend, and she showed up. She sat down with us, and eventually this guy came in, claiming to be some super Christan and become rather rude very quickly. Needless to say, the soon to be ex-friend (at the time) was too busy putting her hands on him, and flirting. Well we were playing the card game, Rummy, and he wanted to learn to play. This is where he got real rude. Look at my other friend and said, "Your super competitive." Even though she had said or done anything to him. Looks at me and says, "You're no competition." Then proceeds to look at the now "ex-friend", and says, "You're a really good teacher." She couldn't stick up for us at all? That's pretty shady in my mind. This man didn't know us, and he pre-judged us. The funny thing about that day.... is me, being "no competition" to him, whooped his butt, and won that hand of the card game. The very next day, me and my good friend are sitting at the same place with coffee and cards. The "ex friend" stopped by again, and again a guy approaches our table. This guy was pretty groovy. We were all just sitting there goofing off and having a laugh. Well, until the "ex-friend" couldn't keep her hands off this one either, even after he asked her to stop. Pretty messed up huh? Anyone else have a friend (male or female), that decided to be a "sleeze" verses being a friend. I really haven't spoke to her since those days. If I run into her, I am polite. The past is the past after all. However, I don't ever see her and I being as close as we once were.
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• United States
1 Jun 07
I had a really good friend of mine, turn into a sleeze, and showed how much she valued our friendship, when one night 2 months before my wedding, I caught my fiance' at her house and the 2 of them had just gotten out of the shower. Needless to say I dropped them both, and have not spoken to either of them in about 11 years!!!!
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2 Jun 07
OMG! Good for you, on dropping them both. I met a lot of women over the years, that are the type to put up with that stuff. Good for you for not being like that.
@jeansile (15)
• Philippines
2 Jun 07
I have lost a lot of friends but if you ask me the reasons why, well, I would say that those losses were due to the following: distance, insecurities, insincerity, and immaturity. I can't blame anyone for that, not even myself, because it just came out naturally like a work of fate. So I just forget and move on.