A spy in our midst...

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June 1, 2007 7:06pm CST
My workplace had a invitation only Facebook group dedicated to it. I work in the head office, but there are 10 other locations in the city, so it was a great way for all the employees who don't know each other to get to know each other to interact and get to know each other. We sell cellular phones and cellular phone accessories and are affiliated with one of the biggest carriers in Western Canada that offers ADSL, home phones and mobile phones, so we often get people confusing our company with that of the carrier. People come in wanting to pay bills, or to argue about a billing discrepancy, or to have their home phones fixed, etc. and it drives most of the salespeople nuts, because we aren't the big corporate carrier and can't help them, just a retail outlet for their phones, so some of us were cracking jokes about it on the wall of our group. Yesterday all the supervisors came in for a meeting, and last night suddenly the group disappears. One of the coworkers I'm pretty close to and I were discussing the group's disappearance this morning, when his supervisor comes over and makes a remark like, "Oh gee, I wonder why the group just disappeared?!". He's not a member of Facebook, so I didn't have a clue why he'd care or even know what we were talking about, until he continues on, "Using a registered trademark without permission is illegal, it's a good thing they didn't decide to sue!". What???? I could understand a company getting upset if someone was using their trademark for monetary gain or to slander the company's name, but forcing someone to take down a group about their employees for their coworkers just because the logo appeared on it? That seems a little farfetched to me, but maybe that's just me? I do know I'm also a member of the Facebook group for my old employer, the Edmonton region employees of the one of the largest of the 5 chartered banks in Canada, and that their logo is used. According to a former coworker, both of my former supervisors are aware of the group and neither of them seem to have any problem with it, unless people are spending far too much time on the site during work hours. It makes a lot more uncomfortable about being myself on Facebook, it seems as though there’s a spy in our midst.
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5 Jun 07
At my exboyfriends company a girl got fired because she had listed the company she worked at and she was posting plogs and bulletins talking crap about her boss and coworkers. She logged on at work once and IT saw it and she got canned. I think that your facebook page is your business and that it's wrong to fire you based on whats on your face book - but I would not put your company info on there...
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