Where can I put my money that will earn 10% interest?

June 1, 2007 9:43pm CST
Local banks gives only 1%. In 1995 My money in Rural Banks earn as much as 10%. I am already retired. When US raised its savings interest rate to 4% to 4.5%. Dollars accounts becomes popular. Is there a way to invest money that will earn 10%.
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@rtydata (80)
• Philippines
3 Jun 07
Place it in a time deposit so you won't have any risks or better yet, invest your money in mutual funds like Sunlife Financial. My mom made over 40% from last year's results. Unlike stocks, it's not as risky but if you're a risk taker, invest in some stocks to raise more than 10%. Either way, always consider that when depositing in a bank or establishment, find out how much they can give back to you in case the establishment closes. To be sure, invest or save to the equivalent of how much they can guarantee (insurance).
• Philippines
9 Jun 07
I would like to believe that Insurance Company pays more. But I in financial analysis the money you put in an insurance is like paying you back what you have paid them. The winning factor is a risk in your life that is what you will be waiting for. I feel that my life is worth so less in an insurance that you can afford to pay. Maybe my life insurance is not worth a million, but I will not risk myself just for the money. Life is more than putting monetary value in it. For ten years I have been saving money for my pension plan, just 3 more installment I would have made a full payment. The Company shut down. The office in our local city was closed. Imagine 10 yrs waiting for a dream. All turned out to be a nightmare.