Do you have some days when you feel so strange and you figure out later why?

June 2, 2007 2:05pm CST
I did but i had this for a couple of weeks.I had a very bad feeling.This week i had two nightmares who became reality. The first nightmare i dreamed about shopping in a church of us and me,my sister,my brother and i were waiting for the supermarket to get open.When we went in my brother was still outside and i hear someone grapping his gun i looked and he shot my brother in his head.We kept on doing some shopping but i was in tears while the rest stayed calm.So we got back home and my dad asked me to call my brother he didn't notice my brother lied dead in the garden and i said.He was killed since this morning.Then my mother came in and i know she could never handle a situation like this and i said mom don't look.but she looked out the window and stayed calm.When i woke up i had tears on my cheeks. Now my friend looked for the meaning of this dream.And it ment that something bad woukld happen to someone i know in my village. This happened at wednesday morning. My brother came friday night in my room and asked me if i remembered his friend.I said yes.Then my brother said he committed suicide this week.Probably wednesday. Now this is freaking me out.I'm scared to death to get another dream like that .It;s not the first time my dreams becoming reality.
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