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October 23, 2006 11:09am CST
Tell about something funny that may have happened to you or someone you know of. One funny thing that happend to my mother-in-law was a long time ago, she was in her bathroom and happend to see a mouse on the floor. She ended up screaming at the top of her lungs and jumped up on the toilet still screaming frantically. The funny part of this was the mouse ended up dropping dead right in front of her eyes. Although she was terrified of mice, she ended up scaring the mouse to death.
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@sims1955 (36)
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1 Feb 07
One of the funniest things I remember was when my son was 14 he got home from school before we got home from work and he found some bottle rockets we had out up in our bathroom and he lit one, then afraid of what damage it would do in the house he threw it in the commode thing it would go out but it didn't. It blew one whole side of the commode off. then knowing his Dad would be furious he get some white calking we had and puts the commode back togetherand cleans up his mess. Well when we come my husband goes to the bathroom and while standing there using the toilet the whole side fall off and water goes everywhere.He says "What the heck!!!" He calls for my son and says,"What is This?"and my son replies "Oh I didn't think you would notice." I'm just glad he didn't sit down first!!!!!