Worst Employer Stories

United States
June 2, 2007 6:15pm CST
My worst employer refused to pay unemployment, despite the fact that I was laid-off for a reason that was not my fault. It came down to them not paying their unemployment insurance for part of the year. It wasn't that much money, but it was still a hell of a time to go through That company went out of business, anyway, and now I have a great job. But the months spent trying to find a job were really rough.
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@Savvynlady (3686)
• United States
3 Jun 07
I am sorry that you had to encounter that. I understand things like that. I remember the first job I got after coming to this state. It was with a food contractor working with people with mental conditions. Serving them folks each day was an experience to say the least. Some were real nice, some weren't. but I had great experiences from it. Anyhow, they had hired some of the residents who worked there for some little jobs and they kept them at the same pay, which I felt wasn't fair; One girl there came EVERY day without fail, and she worked hard didn't give no trouble, but they didn't raise her pay. I had a job at a restaurant fast food, and I lost my job twice because of my register being short; the last time it was over; I got unemployment each time for it. The first time I lost my job, I got vindicated because they found out that I didn't steal from the register and folks told them likewise. Come to find out, folks were stealing out of the till big time. They rehired me but fired me again for me having too much money this time; Once I liked to got fired for NOT having enough when it was a miscount; I have seen folks get ready to come to blows behind that. The man who was over us got killed months later and his killer took money from the job; When I heard that, I couldn't help but think of how folks lost their jobs behind it.I could go on.