LOVE: When To Doubt Or Not?

June 2, 2007 6:33pm CST
They say that allowing your intuitions and inner doubts will save you from heart ache. But is it possible to doubt on the other person just because you think he is fooling you? In my situation, I'm in a complicated relationship. Undecided whether to stay single or go steady with my suitor. I appreciate all his efforts in about half a year now but I always doubt about his actions because I don't want to be hurt and fooled again like when I have been hurt before. I tried to stay away from him, get rid of him, but still he persists on me. I have told him bitter words, but he still courts me. I told him to go but he stays. I still cast doubts against him, but I don't have enough proof on these doubts. Besides, as much as possible, I want to save myself from painful heart aches. Can anyone please help me about my confusion? And kindly share your experiences too so I can have opinions. :D
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• Philippines
3 Jun 07
it is fine to have some doubts. it is what makes you proceed with caution. a thing that you must do once you go into relationships.