General Discussion: In the book "The Da Vinci Code", do you believe it?

June 2, 2007 7:22pm CST
The Da Vinci Code sites the "hidden secret" of Rome. Do you believe all the thoughts being written or liked to expressed in this book? I do agree they are posible, that all it has written is posible. Do you? Does female discrimanation of the Old Church a great proof of this?
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• Philippines
7 Jun 07
yah I believe in fact I am a fan of The Da Vinci code doc. I must say Priory of Sion and Opeus Dei really exist, I can see that these or some of the churches now adays are deceiving people for a profit! Crazy people really do these, using God for their sake! shame on you guys!
• Philippines
15 Jun 07
As written in the book. I am also a fan of the said book. And some points if not all, that is written are Facts and the truth. Another points that you emphasize is the people making money under the name of God, what a shame on them. I do agree that Religion is a business, a big business, a profitable one. Since you are free from taxes.