is it true?

June 2, 2007 10:27pm CST
by the time you fall in changes your life forever and no matter how hard you try, the feeling never goes away and no matter what you do, the person will stay with you forever.
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@ebtenorio (765)
• Philippines
13 Nov 07
I dunno.. but I am feeling the same way as you are.... hehehehe I am so in love with someone that I could give up all for her... even my life!
• Philippines
2 Jul 07
You know, love is not only between you and your partner. It also concerns on how you handle your relationship. Having a good relationship will make the love last forever.
• Pakistan
16 Jun 07
crush and love two different thing To have a crush on someone is easy and you can have a crush on any like you just saw a beautiful girl and then have a crush on her Loving someone is different and its true to love not like just leave it be and it will go off Yes when you fall in love with someone it changes your life and its not easy to forget your loved ones.
@kharen (1488)
• Philippines
3 Jun 07
the feeling fades but the memories will stay.. falling in love isn't easy, it's very complicated and all kinds of emotions are involved in it and sometimes if you don't know how to control your feelings and you're very emotional, selfishness and self-pity will be present specially with jealousy and possessiveness.. it's the best if you be always sensitive to the people around you so that no one gets hurt..