What is Your Personal Paranoia?

United States
June 3, 2007 12:11am CST
A lot of people have somewhat odd beliefs on certain subjects. A paranoia that is similar to a child's fear of a monster living under their bed or in their closet. Anything from something superstitious that you follow routinely or a belief you have that just seems to hold an essence of paranoia. Mine is quite ridiculous and insane, but I happen to think I'm not the only person that has these odd thoughts. My "personal paranoia" happens to be what happens when you board an airplane. Even though I know it isn't true, I can't stop pondering the possibility. What I think (But, not really, since I have been on an airplane ride...) is that when you walk through the scanners for metal objects, you aren't really walking past it. The machine induces your body into an instint coma, and everything beyond that detector isn't a legitimate image. You are later taken to a government research facility where they inject certain chemicals to present your brain the feeling of the trip you will be taking. This includes all the five senses, and the memories from when you start your trip to when it ends. In this laboratory, several tests are run, or possibly some type of implantation of sorts to monitor us or such. It does sound ridiculous, and I know there is about a thousand ways to debunk the reality of this. But like I said, it is kind of a paranoia I have. It isn't that I genuinely believe it, but just something that comes across my mind everytime airplanes are mentioned. So, what are yours?
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