Will The New Nigerian President solve the 419 scams from Nigeria

June 3, 2007 2:10am CST
I hope the New Nigerian President can restore the damaged reputation of the country caused by the email scams .
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5 Jun 07
The new nigerian president will not be able to stop 419 scam or email scams in nigeria its impossible, besides its not really his problem, its the problem of people outside of nigeria thease types of scams prey on peoples naive-ness and their greeds and nigerians are not the only culprits using thease types of scams, its just when a westerner is scammed by some one in nigeria it seems worst and more unbelieveable than being scammed by individuals from a developed country, the 419 scam has been around for ages their has been plenty of articles written about them as well as documentrys, it amazes me that people are still falling for those types of things.
5 Jun 07
Greed is the correct word.People are actually too greedy and gullible to fall for the scams.I watched one on msbn.The victim is a doctor.i was shocked that a man with such high level of education could still fall for such a scam in this 21st century
@maumbi (2571)
• Indonesia
3 Jun 07
well my friend as i know email like this NOT ALL from nigeria, is depend people or individual or nigeria people not the country;) and sometime i found chines people using nigeria too. i hate if read thats email
3 Jun 07
REALLY!!!!!!You mean chinese are into scam emails now?That is shocking