When you are alone, you want to be in a company of friends and vice versa..

June 3, 2007 4:03am CST
Is it so? Coz, its by very nature of the human beings, they tend to be in a company of friends but his/her mind will always in search of aloofness, the soltitude, a lonely calm place to live. But when he goes to such a kinda situation, his mind will once again occupy the status quo, viz, the days he spent with his friends, family and his official duties and so on. Is this so in your case. Becoz i am of this sort.
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@tamskie (388)
• Philippines
3 Jun 07
i know someone who prefers to be walking alone or being alone. i think it just depends on the person. my cousin loves reading books and not really used to going out. but sometimes when she feels like talking she really tells us so many great things that she have learned from the books she have red. :)
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@magica (3710)
• Bulgaria
3 Jun 07
Most time i am allone and for me this is most comfortable condition.This is my choice. I can be with other people too, but i feel desire to be allone. So i can join a company just for a short period of time.
• India
4 Jun 07
Does not it haunt your mind magica? How do you manage?
• United States
3 Jun 07
i like being alone actually. i cant stand crowds of ppl and just about anybody other than family tend to annoy me. and i hate the noise! i would be much happier with my nose in a book all by myself than with a group of friends any day.
• India
3 Jun 07
Oh! thatz interesting my friend