What will you do if you got negative comments from your students or co-teachers?

@lizeri (533)
June 3, 2007 8:03am CST
Schools for sure never ran out of evaluation. Everything inside the premise must be evaluated, even the people, mostly teachers. Whether good or bad, it is very important to hear or to know what is the standing of a teacher in the school. It would be nice to hear heartwarming comments, but what if it is the opposite? How would a teacher deal with it, especially if it were the students who gave it? Will the grades of those students become affected?
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@lucy67 (819)
• China
9 Jun 07
negative comments can make me reflect what i have done and try to improve myself. it's not so pleasant to hear negative comments but they are always helpful.
• Philippines
6 Jun 07
for ma'am lizeri negative comments specially coming form your students are most welcome for me.. why? first it gives me the opportunity to improve on those negative attributes, second, it would be great to know what these students would want from me.... retaliating in a form of giving bad grades would not be acceptable... you should somehow encourage these comments from your students for you to improve teaching capabilities... be thankful that these students are that attentive that they have to make comments on you.
@Aurone (4758)
• United States
4 Jun 07
Hopefully the evaluation has come after the grades have been given to the students. You should never change a student's grade because of evaluation comments. It just wouldn't be right. Often you can tell which negative comments are credible and which are not. If the negative comment is credible then it is something the teacher should work on improving. If on the other hand it is a negative comment designed to make the teacher feel bad because the student knows they are getting a bad grade in the class and wants to lash out at the teacher then it should be ignored. As a community college instructor, I have gotten both types. I have learned not to be upset over the ones that are not credible and have learned to be a better instructor through the credible negative comments.
• Philippines
4 Jun 07
evaluations are done to gauge the teacher's ability to teach and carry out their responsibilities in the academe. perhaps the most credible evaluation is that which comes from the students because they are the ones teachers spend most of their time with. thus, when there are comments or suggestions, good or bad, teachers have to take them into account. they should let the good comments serve as guidelight in becoming better teachers. even negative comments are worth listening to because there may be truth into some of these comments.
• China
4 Jun 07
i am a teacher too. and i heard some negative comments from my students,but i didn't feel sad about that ,because i have no time ,iwon't spend my time on those comments ,i just will pay much attention to the reason why they will give me negative comments and where i should improve . thus,it will not happen next time. just my opinion ,thank you for asking.
@djoyce71 (2512)
• Philippines
3 Jun 07
Every school year teachers are evaluated not only by their superiors and peers but also by students. It is very important to know the comments of students. With those comments, a teacher could improve herself ( in dealing with her students and in teaching effectively ). A teacher should think about what has she done for her students, ask herself " Was I an example that deserves to be imitated?" A teacher should listen to the students' comments and by that, learn. The grades should not be affected. Is it correct for a teacher to give deductions if they gave negative comments?