big fish in the small pond or small fish in the big pond?

June 3, 2007 9:53am CST
i am wondering what kind person do you want to be ,my friend? i used to be a member of a well-known training center,i was a small potato there ,and i was under much stress,but i really leant much.for some reason, i lefe that place . today ,four months after that ,i got another chance in another training center ,but it is not very famouse ,and now i become the most skillful member there,and i am a big fish in this pond,there will not be so much pressure ,of course ,that will be a little ease now ,of course , but ,i am puzzled what i should do ,accept or not,being a big fish in the small pond ,or being a small fish in the big pond. being a small fish means i have to try my best to look for another job,and maybe i can not get a job,because the compitition is so fiece now . what will you do ,my friends?
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@MJLami (1173)
• United States
3 Jun 07
Luckywuyan, you need to determine what it is you want in your career so you can answer which is best for you. Some of us will want to be the big fish in a small pond and some of us will choose being a small fish in a big pond, for very different reasons. Are you comfortable in leadership? Are you a manager? Would you rather just worry about your own work and let someone else deal with the problems? Sorry, I could be on the wrong track here but it's hard to know exactly what you mean by big fish - reads like management to me.