when is ur best friend betrays you

@binny29 (1527)
June 3, 2007 1:14pm CST
what will u do whhen u r best friend betrays you???how it affects ur life???
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@clamee (63)
• Philippines
7 Jun 07
of course i would be sad and i'll wonder why did she betray me..it would definitely change my life since she's been my friend for long years then suddenly she'd be out of my life...={
• Philippines
4 Jun 07
it really hurts when your bestfriend betrays you... it matters alot to me.. you gave your trust and share your secrets to him or her. that really affects your life a lot... someone "spoil the beans" and the point there, its your bestfriend... you probably feel like you loose a piece of gold in your packet.. bad things realy happens... we're up to it... its really difficult to mend thing like this.. still my bestfriend is my old friend... he'd still have a value in my life... i was just hurt... and I may forgive him about it... every problems has its own solutions...
• United States
3 Jun 07
At first I will be hurt if I found out my best friend betrayed me. However, if I was in that situation I will confront her and ask her why she did that. I don't think its best to keep it inside or be revengeful. Two wrongs don't make a right.