Pagan Activists....we need more of them!

June 3, 2007 7:27pm CST
I have been involved in pagan activism for the past years, stared slowly thru a Blog and my networking grew fruits. I have often heard the argument that religion should stay out of political affairs and thereby there was no necessity for any kind of religious activism. Nevertheless I believe that we, as Pagans, seing all life as Sacred have the duty to claim environamental awaraness ammong society being paganims such a nature oriented religion. Any thoughts on this ?
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24 Jun 07
i agree with you. we tend to see all life as sacred and no one has listened to us in the past years.Now we see this huge trend to go back to herbal use, spiritualism, aromatherapy and all these alternative medicines as well as take global warming seriously. It is ironic how we were condemned for our beliefs in this society but now more people are slowly understanding our beliefs. I just hope it isn't too late!
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4 Jun 07
The first article I wrote after coming back to writing was about the fact that we have Wiccans and pagans concerned about the government and what it is doing, yet most do not go out and vote. Outside of myself and two others, in my local community of a few hundred pagans and wiccans, I know of no one who has gotten involved in politics even on the most basic level. I find it quite distrubing.