June 3, 2007 8:35pm CST
Islam has asked its followers to pay zakat. zakat is an amount of wealth equal to 2.5 % of your total wealth at the end of each lunar or solar year.Any Muslim who has wealth equaling more than 85 grams of gold, is bound to pay this much money to the poor and needy. I put a question to non Muslims can,t they obey this commandment .No one will be hungry in this world and there will be brotherhood among people
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• India
23 Dec 08
the shariah has fixed certain limits of commodities for payment of zakat.there are called nisab. commodities: cash gold silver merchandies nisab of zakat: 7 1/2 tolas of gold 52 1/2 tolas of silver value equal to the price of 52 1/2 tolas of silver or 7 1/2 tolas of gold and the surrah tauba in the holy quran has describe the folowing eigth categories who can be given zakat. the poor masakeen aamleen zakat non muslim mualafat-ul-quloob slaves indebtors in the way of allah musaafars.